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Beyonce Miscarriage

Overshadowed by all the other news about Beyonce, comes a shocking report that Beyonce has had a second miscarriage. A family member leaked this highly personal information about Beyonce, and on Aug. 17, the Boston Herald was one of a handful of news outlets reporting this devastating news that Beyonce and Jay Z chose not to share with their fans. A relative of Beyonce who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that Beyonce recently suffered another miscarriage. Her first miscarriage occurred prior to Blue Ivy’s birth.

According to Celebrity Cafe on Aug 17, Jay Z became angry with Beyonce because the doctor said the second miscarriage was due to her heavy workload. She was overworking herself and refused to slow down. The relative said that Jay Z wanted Beyonce to end their On the Run tour, but she said she couldn’t. According to Beyonce’s family member, the couple’s marriage problems escalated because Beyonce refused to end the tour.

July pregnancy rumors true?

Taking into consideration the context of what Beyonce’s family member allegedly revealed, along with the pregnancy rumors about Beyonce that briefly surfaced last month, we start to get a sense of what may have occurred. It would appear that the miscarriage incident, if true, happened shortly after the Beyonce and Jay Z began their On the Run tour.

Last month, a number of media outlets reported that Beyonce was pregnant with baby #2. According to the rumor, Beyonce was allegedly four months pregnant and was planning to announce the news at one of the concerts in the couple’s joint On the Run tour.

Singer Lil Kim reportedly made a backstage visit to her friends Beyonce and Jay Z during the New Jersey leg of their On The Run tour. She allegedly brought along a bottle of champagne to toast the couple and Beyonce repeated refused to accept a drink. When Lil Kim inquired about it, Beyonce allegedly confirmed to Kim that she was expecting another child. Around this same time, Beyonce’s fans, who watch her very closely, reported that recent photos of her showed a definite bulge in the tummy area.

Fact or fiction?

Beyonce is extremely secretive when it comes to her personal affairs. No one knew about the miscarriage she had prior to Blue Ivy’s birth until long after the fact. The first inkling fans had about it was when Jay Z rapped about it in the song Glory, which he released shortly after Blue Ivy was born. Later, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce described her miscarriage as “one of the hardest things I’ve been through.” Was Beyonce really pregnant the couple’s second child? Did she really have a miscarriage? Is her relative telling the truth? Beyonce is so private about some things in her life that we may never really know for sure.

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