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Akon opens himself up for ridicule with Ferrari repossession

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]merican recording artist Akon has opened himself up for criticism and likely ridicule after the news reports from media sources such as TMZ that his Ferrari was repossessed. In the music industry, particular with rappers, they respond to criticism with rap lyrics and one of those individuals who is renowned for ‘laying the wood’ verbally to artists who criticize him is Jay-Z.

Akon reportedly had his 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia repossessed after he stopped making payments. The artist reportedly owes $250,000 on the lease of the car which is now worth $225,000.

Social media music fans and music observers are wondering what rap lyrics Jay-Z and some of Akon’s other rivals must be writing and preparing to release when they think that in interviews he was providing marriage and relationship advice and he is having trouble taking care of his own business to the point that he could not even pay for his own car lease on a four year old car.

Akon, a Grammy award nominated artist has also been in the news talking about how the continent of Africa needs ‘better branding’ and has been quite vocal about some of the business actions he thinks countries should take but after the recent news of the repossession there are some music fans who are now wondering if another ‘shoe’ is going to drop with regard to the artist.

The artist who has an album titled “The Exit Plan” has fans hoping that he is ready to potentially become the ‘punch line’ in rap songs. There are some rules when it comes to critiquing other musical artists, particularly rappers and one of those is make sure you have your financial house in order because in the world of hip-hop, money talks. Akon must not have received that memo and now he might have to face the music depending on the mood of some of the top hip-hop and rap artists in the United States.

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