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Wifey move in man pon husband

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Mixup time:

Sister Hater
When my sister first find out that I was dating this popular guy in Jamaica four years ago … she was mad and didn’t like the idea, reason being … he was dating her best friend long time ago, which ended with him dissing her best friend for another woman from New York. So now she hates him! (it wasn’t me, but I also live in New York).

Anyways, long story short,Sundaynight mi get a text from her a say him, my man, a text her best friend like him a look her back. Suhmy sister tell her best friend to ask him if he knows her (my sister ) by sending her picha to him. His answer was no, which him really nuh kno my sister like that. But that get my sister mad! So they planned and told him thatme andthe girla fren. Mi sisternuh do nothing but send my picture to the girl for her to send it to him to see wat he wud say. Him say yes, a mi woman that.

Now him text me a ask me wat’s going on with the picha sending? Me say to him, u tell me bcaz I kno everythin already (meaning say him and the girl a text). But mi did just wah hear fromhim. Him start tell mi how mi insecure and bare things.Him mad with me bcaz he thought I was in on the picha sending with them, which I swear I wasn’t. Him cuss mi, cuss the girl and block mi from Whatsapp!

All now mi sister cyah tell mi the whole story and now a bare problems and my man nah talk to mi! Mi just think she hate him that much y she did that!
Wifey move in man pon husband
Ok Raga, Me did know seh dis gal a GUZUMITE from the get-go.My friend got married to her.Before they got married, this girl asked him to sell his car so she could take care of her student loan, which he did. Red Flag # 1

He lost his job in the first year of their marriage and she used to argue with him about why when he washed the laundry he left out her underwear. Red Flag # 2

Fast-forward to now, they are married for five years and have a son who is three. Can you believe Raga that the girl move in man two months now in their two-bedroom apartment and a share one room with her man, while my friend, her husband, lives in the other room with their son!!! Mark you the wall’s paper thin and she and the man do di tings very regular and loudly!

Now this guy is so quiet (the husband) that he is left there saying nothing, and his family only found out this past weekend, after his brother got worried because he saw him and saw that he had lost significant weight.

The family is trying to get through to him, but he is not saying anything, just looking hurt and ashamed.
Hear mi man, him haffi goh man up an mek him baby-mada know she cyaan have man inna dem house an a dash out har juju inna di nex room, mek all dem yute a hear dem tings deh. Wen man roll like a eediat, woman a goh clown dem. Him haffi staat gangsta up di ting.
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