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Beenie Man’s daughter joins Ravers Clavers

Desha Davis and Ding Dong.


Beenie Man’s 22-year-old daughter, Desha Davis, has joined the Ding Dong-led dance crew Ravers Clavers. According to the now first lady of the popular dance crew, becoming a member of the music industry was inevitable.

The dancer, who was introduced as a Ravers Clavers crew member for the first time at the recently concluded Marco Polo anniversary, told The STAR: “Dancing has been in my blood since I was a baby. I came into one of my father’s videos for the song Girl’s Prayer when I was younger, so I came up dancing. I have known Ding Dong for a while now because he and my father have been good friends, so the link came from my dad.”

Davis also said Ravers Clavers was like her extended family.

“I have been with them a few months and it has been good. I am enjoying it, and the experience is overwhelming. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better dance friend. Ding Dong is my friend and brother. It’s just one family and one link. People can expect neat dances from me along with everything else that Jamaican dancing is supposed to offer,” she said.

Ding Dong, who the made the announcement during his performance at Marco Polo, described Davis as a good dancer and said her presence would add another dimension to the dance crew.

Ravers Clavers are currently riding high with the local popularity of the dance single Syvah. Other dance songs like Kreech by Bling Dawg and Moggla by Voicemail and Flippa Moggla are also popular in the dancehall.

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