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Richie Stephens introducing a new music genre

REGGAE singer Richie Stephens is introducing a new music genre called Ska Teck Ova on his latest single entitled Everybody Dance.

Produced by Christopher Birch and Ainsworth ‘Big A’ Higgins, the single will be released in a couple of weeks.

“It’s a blend of old time ska and Electronic Dance Music. I think ska is such a magnificent beat, that if combined with something as fresh, current and exciting as EDM, the world will catch on to it very easily,” Stephens told the Jamaica Observer.

Stephens said the idea for the new ‘sound’ came to him while on tour of Europe recently.

“I was backstage waiting to go on. While waiting, the band was playing a ska rhythm that had me dancing up a storm,” he recounted.

The singer said he went on stage with the same energy and the crowd went wild.

“I knew then I had to record a ska song with a new twist,” he said.

Stephens, who is among the local acts for Soul in the Sun, said he intends to share the new creation at the event.

Soul in Sun is scheduled for The Aqueduct in Rose Hall, just outside Montego Bay, on October 10 – 12.

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